Creating a mood and aesthetic is one of the most important things when designing your marching production. BLUEPRINT Pageantry Designs is here to create a perfect soundtrack that will immediately engage your audience. Using the latest technology, we feel confident that we can compose/arrange a preshow that will start your production off right.  Please see some of our exsisting preshows below. We can either design a soundtrack for you, or take your ideas and bring them to life.

We have the ability to:

• Compose/Arrange a preshow for your marching production
• Blend commerical audio tracks to fit your productions theme.
• Add sound effects to commercial audio


Of course, each preshow is unique and pricing is largely determined on the amount of time/composing and or arranging that will be needed. Please contact us so that we may speak with you about what your needs may be.

COPYRIGHT: It will be the purchaser's responsibility to obtain any copyright clearances that are needed for each soundtrack.

Below are some examples of what we can offer. If you are interested in purchasing one of these existing preshows, please contact us:


Beginning with an old recording of O When the Saints, this preshow will immediately grab the attention of your audience. It slowly morphs into a haunting rendition of the House on the Rising Sun followed by the Dies Irae. Drums enter as the intensity builds and your audience will be fully engaged in your Voodoo themed show.


As the sounds of water and wind begin to emerge, your audience will instantly feel the nautical vibe. A haunting rendition of Nearer My God to Thee played by a solo cello, is immediately followed by the Navy Hym. This haunting version of the Navy Hymn will give your audience the feeling of a sailor alone at sea.


Featuring Lorde's Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Ciara's version of Paint It Black, this preshow will set the mood for your Paint It Black inspired show. Throughout the soundtrack there is the constant sound of doors slamming. As the track comes to a conclusion there is one final sound of a red door closing, setting up the band for their first impact.